Apple Find Out How Tutorials

Apple Basic Tutorials

Mac 101 for Switcher’s

Apple Store & Reseller Locator

Apple Support Site Map

Apple Troubleshooting Printer & Printing Issues

Apple Search Help How to use search for better for help information on Apple’s website.

Apple Software Downloads

FireFox Browser

iTunes Podcasts: Search for many free educational podcasts by going to the  iTunes store in the iTunes program on your Mac. Apple and PBS have some great ones to listen to and view when you want to learn more. Apple Quicktip of the Week is just one great weekly podcast to view.

Googles- Doc website – Cheap replacement for Microsoft Office.

Free Tools for Teachers: Websites for the following: Quiz Generators| Worksheets & Flashcards | Games & Puzzles | Certificates & Charts | Forms, Surveys, & Calendars | Miscellaneous Tools | Templates for the Classroom | Places to     Post Homework |WebPage Building | Bookmarks and Documents On-Line |Free E-Mail Accounts

Inside Mac Games: A site for you game playing members.

Mac Magazines Websites

        MacWorld magazine

       MacLife magazine

 How to do screen shots

Skype – How to get free phone service on your Mac computer.

AppleScript: the language of automation.